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Our Mission Just Got Bigger

We could be the next big thing! Shay Bailey has launched My Beauty Kit - a Global, Black Owned, Woman led consumer tech company with an app aimed at empowering beauty consumers.

Hello Besties! Thank you for being on this journey with us. This past week, our mission just got bigger. Our founder, Shay Bailey participated in Tech Town Detroit's Start Studio Showcase and won first place!

Click here for the official announcement.

For Shay, beauty is both passion and mission. She is committed to making the beauty shopping experience more customer centric by putting consumers in the driver's seat using mobile app technology.

With Tech Town Detroit's continued support, Shay will build a MVP set to replace our current iOS beta app in spring 2023. Follow our journey by joining us on social and by visiting our website,

My Beauty Kit, Your New Beauty Bestie

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