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My Beauty Kit Ad Placement Sign Up

  • Friends w/ Benefits

    Every month
    Expose your brand to a community of beauty lovers.
    • Placement in our featured brand section
    • One weekly push notification
    • Ideal for start-ups & newly established brands

    Every month
    Build loyalty by connecting with active & engaged consumers
    • Placement in our featured brand section
    • Sending two weekly push notifications
    • Running weekly banner ads
    • Ideal for independent & indie brands

    Every month
    Reward your most loyal beauty consumers
    • Offer in-app exclusives
    • Appear in our featured brand section
    • Sending four weekly push notifications
    • Run weekly banner and pop-up ads
    • Ideal for large brands & multi-brand corporations

Your plan will auto renew monthly until cancelled.



Q: Do you offer ad design and consultation services? 

A: Yes, email us at for more information. Our design and consultation services start at $125 USD for each design.


Q: How often can I update my ad design?

A: Your ad design/message can be updated every 30 days. However, we will need 72 hours to review each submission.

Q: How long will discount/promo codes last?

A: Take action now to be included. Our promotional discounts and promos are only available to a select number of participants. Once we achieve that goal, new participants will be charged full price. Please note, even at full price, our ad rates are significantly below our competitors.


Q: How long does a subscription last?

A: A subscription remains active and is charged monthly until it is canceled.


Q: Can I cancel my ad subscription?

A: Yes, you can cancel anytime. Upon cancellation, your subscription will be deactivated at the end of that month. 


Q: Why is it important to invest in a subscription early?

A: Our current ad rates are significantly below our competitors. We want an opportunity to grow with you on our team with little risk to your bottom line. 


Q: Who can advertise on this app?

A: My Beauty Kit App is designed for consumers to discover beauty and wellness products/services/providers. If you believe your offer aligns with this mission, you are welcome to submit your application for review.


Feel free to submit more questions to us at or hit the chat button below.

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