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Question: When I scan my product, why do I get a message saying that the product isn't found? 

Answer: If the app is unfamiliar with a product, it will allow you to enter the UPC, Product Name, & Shade manually.  Once this is complete, the app will always remember this product moving forward.

Question: If my product does not have an UPC.  Can I still enter it into the app? 

Answer: Yes.  Once you open the app, tap on the small bar code in the upper left hand corner. Select "Enter Product Manually".

Question: After I download the app and request a verification code, I do not receive my code.   

Answer:  Please make one attempt to delete and re-download the app.  If the second attempt is unsuccessful, please contact our support team at

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 We will continue to closely monitor ongoing developments and will adjust our actions according to CDC and State of Michigan guidelines. We take standards for hygiene and cleanliness very seriously and are taking additional steps to ensure the safety. We ask for your patience as this may cause a delay in some services.

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